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Your handy moving-house checklist

Posted 28 August, 2018

Whether you’re a growing family in need of a bigger house, empty nesters downsizing or someone who’s just looking for a change of scenery, moving to a new home is a big deal. It can also be costly, stressful and time-consuming. But don’t sweat, this checklist will make planning your move a whole lot easier. […]

Raising money confident kids

Posted 14 August, 2018

Set your kids up for financial success by teaching them about money and taking care of your own financial wellbeing. It can be challenging to help children understand the concepts of spending and saving when they watch you ‘tap’ and ‘swipe’ instead of handing over physical money. Recent research from the Financial Planning Association (FPA)[1] […]

How would your life be affected if you had no income?

Posted 7 August, 2018

The idea of insuring against loss of income is one that has clear value. But many neglect to insure their most valuable asset. Income protection could be the answer – so how does it work?   We happily insure our homes, our vehicles, even our smartphones. But have you considered how your family’s lifestyle would […]

Making a Smooth Transition to Retirement

Posted 9 July, 2018

Wondering about the best way to ease into your retirement years? A transition-to-retirement strategy may be the answer, but it’s important to know that the rules have recently changed. Here’s the lowdown. These days, there are all sorts of pathways to retirement. As more Australians choose to wind down gradually from their careers, it’s becoming […]

Managing the costs of child care

Posted 2 July, 2018

To make child care more affordable, the federal government offers parents financial assistance to help cover the costs. However, in July 2018, the government made some important changes to the child care system. Here’s what you need to know. Raising a family can be extremely rewarding, but also incredibly expensive. And now, more and more […]

How Much Super is Enough?

Posted 2 July, 2018

What’s the magic amount you need in your super account to retire comfortably? Unfortunately, this age-old question is a difficult one to answer, because it will be different for everyone. The good news is that there’s a wide range of tools available to help you calculate an amount that makes sense for your personal circumstances. […]